Trapping with a Trailer Defender


Transition Defense After Field Goal.

Player X3 shoots the ball.
Player 05 quickly gets the ball out of the net, steps out and looks to inbound to 01.
Players X2, X3 and X4 sprint release down the court to protect the basket and prevent any quick breaks.


Sideline Push.

Player X1 prevents the inbound pass to ball handler 01 and pushes to sideline.
Player X5 pressures the pass against the inbouder 05.


Trapping With the Trailer Defender.
Call BT= means Big Man Trap

This defense is an example of a three-quarter court trap, also is a surprise tactic to create turn-overs.
The best way to trap the opponent team with the trailer defender is after a made field goals, made free throws, or dead-ball situations.
Trailer defender X5 traps 01 with X1.
Player X2 assumes a pass denial against 02.
Player X3 gets level with the ball to stop a pass to the middle to 04 or 03.
Player X4 is the goaltender.

Note: Players 02 and 03 are cutting off the passing lanes, anticipating, looking to steal the ball and they are interceptors.

Player X4 is guarding the basket to prevent lay-ups and easy baskets, also is the high or low goaltender. Between X4 and X5, either of them can be the trap trailer defender.


Reverse the Ball.

If player 01 reverses the ball to 05, X5 closeout to 05 and pressure the ball.
Player X1 stays with 01.
Players X2 and X3 assuming a pass denial against 02 and 03.
Player X4 stays with 04.

Note: If player 04 flashes to the top of the key to get the pass from 05, X4 will deny him the ball.


Half Court Trap With the Trailer Defender.
This is an example of half-court trap with the trailer defender X5.
Player X5 traps 01 with X1.
Players X2 and X3 assuming a pass denial against 02 and 03.
Player X4 is the deep Goaltender.

Note: If player 01 reverses the ball to 05 only X5 comes out of the trap to defend 05 and everybody else denies the ball.

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