About Coach JC

Seattle Washington    Seattle, Washington USA

About Coach JC

Joao Costa(JC) played professional basketball in Europe. He moved to the United States to expand his knowledge of the game and train to be a basketball coach. He lives in Seattle Washington.

Coach JC started he coaching career in the United State. He coached in the Seattle area before going on the road to develop his coaching techniques.

Coach JC participated in the practice and observed the coaching techniques of some of the best NCAA Coaches in the league. Just a few of the coaches JC was able to learn from were: Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Coach Roy Williams, Coach Eddie Sutton, Coach Hubie Brown, Coach Tom Newell, Coach Bob Bender. These Coaches inspired him to write his book I'm Helping You Coach! 100+ Offense Drills For Your Basketball Program. During his training with them he had the opportunity to take a picture with each of them and received permission to use their pictures in his book.

When Coach Bob Bender moved from the head coach of the University of Washington to the assistant coach of the Philadelphia 76ers - he extended an invitation for Coach JC to continue to observe and learn in the NBA. This started a new round of training for Coach JC observing and learning from in the NBA. His book Improve Your Defense Coach! Man-to-Man Defense Drills was inspired from what he learned from the NBA.

Coach JC's third book "I GET IT, Coach! Practice Drills for your Developing Team" was inspired by the teams he coached in both the Middle East and the American Basketball Association (ABA).

Coach JC has been conducting coaches clinics and basketball camps around the World. Teaching others what he has learned from the NCAA and NBA. He has been the featured guest speaker on both the national and international level.

Coach JC's knowledge of the game, emphasis on fundamentals, and enthusiasm for teaching brings out the best in individual players.

Coach JC has been coaching in USA for several years, ABA, WBA, ProAm as well as Internationally. Coach JC has two new books coming soon - TIMEOUT Coach!  AND   Let me Play Coach!

One final note from Coach JC:

"Don't be afraid to contact and learn from the best coaches out there! You will learn more then you ever imagined, you will build relationships that will last a lifetime and you will become a better coach then you set out to be."

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